Abiogenesis (2017)

Abiogenesis means the creation of life from non living matter. The transition from non-living to living matter is rarely a single event but a process of increasing complexity.

DASK Music
This is the beginning.

“What can I say about the music of Abiogenesis? It’s DASK, pure DASK with its load of old Berlin School’s sequencing patterns in an evolving ambiospherical décor”. The atmospheres of ABIOGENESIS, and their transitions, their evolutions towards rhythms very Berlin School justify the means to connect better his music to the expectations of his public while respecting the meanings behind each title. I find that it gives some more of depth to the music of DASK. And depth here… is loading the album from A to Z. Sylvain Lupari (May 14th, 2018)

“This album exudes energy, rhythm, power with finesse…. addictive to listen to! stands in my opinion in the top branches of EM music.”

In 24 Bit master quality on Bandcamp.

Dask Music - Sound Kontrol