Aether (2019)

DASK Music
A journey through our atmosphere.

The troposphere is the lowest of Earths atmosphere layers ranging from as little as 4 to 12 miles high, yet contains 75% of the atmospheres entire mass and supports all life. Almost all weather conditions occur here. The exosphere is the outermost layer. Here the molecules are so far apart this layer does not behave like a gas and as a result particles constantly escape into space resulting in our atmosphere losing 1kg of material every second.

Like ‘Sol’ this album has a much deeper meaning about ascension from the physical world we live in. The tracks become lighter and more ethereal as we move to the outer layers. Troposphere has a heaviness about it were-as Exosphere ends on a lighter and brighter tone.

“Atmosphere” is also the right keyword, because the titles are named after their layers, from the rain under the clouds in the troposphere to the ether of the universe. One can see “Aether” as a concept album that accompanies an imaginary ascent with a balloon to the highest heights. In any case, for me it is a successful ambient album with majestic sounds. empulsiv electronic music magazine.

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