Liquid Decimation (2017)

Buddhist Pema Chodron says we all are addicted to something and it is part of our human nature in that we all can be restless or discontent and many find it impossible to just sit and be calm.

DASK Music
The human condition.

“What we have here the best title of DASK. And there was some very good before this Transformation!”

Or still the first albums of DASK who solidifies more and more his position in the vast chessboard of EM of the Berlin School style. Another strong opus to put between our ears, you my friends who just love a Berlin School lively and invigorated by another artist who manages to make his place with a bit of freshness in this universe where even the plagiarism is attractive to the ears of aficionados. Except that with DASK we speak about originality. And Transformation is a monster! Sylvain Lupari (November 13th, 2017)

Dask Music - Sound Kontrol