Sol (2018)

Sol is a a soundtrack for our home star. Sol is a journey from the first light of our star’s birth to its death. The title track represents the star’s exit or death sequence. It really is an album about life and death on a deeper level.

DASK Music
This is home.

“More in an ambient style, Sol always dips in those more or less complex musical patterns that make of DASK one of the most interesting new comers of these past 2 years”. And the album begins exactly with a very Vangelis cosmic approach. Daybreak is the witness of these influences with keyboard chords coated of a soft musicality which float throughout a great deal of dark breezes blowing in a horizontal corridor. Shards of Light possesses the colors of its title. You have to hear these glass arpeggios to tinkle in a fascinating astral choreography. Stray Photons is a superb melody for sequencer and synthesizer. Both instruments weave each its harmonic bed where flow chords and keys in an enticing harmonious structure of which the roots remind me Tomita’s Snowflakes Are Dancing. Superb! Sylvain Lupari (March 1st, 2018)

In 24 Bit master quality on Bandcamp.

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