Closing of Time (2022)

DASK Music
For Mam and Dad

Soon we will be Home. These piano and string based tracks were composed after the loss of Mam and Dad. My father passed in 2012 and I started a few tracks the years after. My mother passed in 2019 after an operation for an heart valve replacement. I completed the album in 2020. An introspective result of writing music at a difficult time that we all go through at some stage.

The Passing is the most beautiful track on CLOSING OF TIME. The texture sounds like a Max Richter piece of music, ditto for the short and very sensitive A Brief Memory, with touching melody lines that make evasive incursions, making sure to disturb our feelings in the process. For those who like grief and emotional music, as well as sad and dark like Max Richter’s but in a more electronic context. Sylvain Lupari (June 30th, 2022)

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