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Audio HiFi Mains Cable DIY

Nothing invokes more of a mixed response in Hi-Fi circles than the concept of 'audio-grade' Hi-Fi mains cables. The idea of spending up to £1000 for a mains cable for many, myself included, seems ludicrous. Audio grade mains cables are very much a Hi-Fi thing and not so much in the pro-audio world were the only time a slightly more expensive mains lead would be used is one that has screening to stop noise radiating out of the cable and inducing on other near-by more sensitive audio carrying cables. This does have some engineering sense behind it.

DIY Audio HiFi Mains Cable

Sennheiser HD 800 Review (vs Grado and Stax)

The HD800 headphones are currently Sennheiser's top end set of headphones. They claim to have the largest transducers and the most advanced driver technology of any current headphone on the market at this time. These are reference class headphones and a benchmark to compare many other headphones against. Premium parts have gone into the build, the transducer being encased by precision machined stainless steel and the ear-pads are claimed to be hand crafted from a high-quality microfibre fabric.

 Sennheiser HD800

Serum VSTi Wavetable Synth Free Patches

Serum is a wavetable based synth by Xfer Records that is right at the very top in terms of depth of sound and control along with ease of use. It is one of the most logical and well thought out user friendly interfaces for a VSTi. Many soft synths in the past have gone for style over functionality. Similarly if they are a clone of a vintage hardware synth they make an exact GUI copy of the physical layout which looks cool and familiar to an owner of the real thing, but this does not typically lend itself to being easy to use on screen if it is crammed with controls which then open in a small window. Serum does not follow this trend so it is easy to jump in and get results with the superb layout and little digging.

Serum VSTi Wavetable Synth

Yulong A100 Headphone Amplifier Review and Capacitor Upgrade

The Yulong A100 is a class A headphone amplifier from the far east. They are not a well known brand in the west but produce some higher end models along with this reasonably priced unit. I have used tube headphone amplifiers in the past and wanted to try a class A solid state. It is a compact well made unit with a brushed black metal chassis, thick aluminium front plate and nice vintage style VU meters. The knob is plastic however but it still looks very good and not particularly plastic looking. Phono sockets are again good quality gold plated but it does not have an audio pass through facility which is an opportunity missed I feel. An audio pass though would make it a little more system friendly since it could be daisy chained with the system main amplifier from the source.

Yulong A100 Headphone Amplifier

Teac VRDS Copland 288 Rubber Tray Repair

The Teac VRDS mechanism used in many high end players does not age well. The gears go soft and start to perish making the unit skip on playback or the tray fail to open and close. These gears are very hard to find now and expensive if you do manage to find some. Therefore unless you have a 3D printer and a good set of gears as a template then I would avoid paying too much for any Teac based cd player.


Removing The Tray Rubber

Copland 288


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