Elemental (2018)

Ancient philosophy suggested sets of classical elements to explain observations in nature. This concept of elements as a substance has developed through three major phases, classical elements, chemical definitions and finally modern atomic definitions. “Elemental has all it needs to satisfy the appetite of fans of sequencer-based EM, in particular of Tangerine Dream, era Virgin”.Continue readingElemental (2018)

Sol (2018)

Sol is a a soundtrack for our home star. Sol is a journey from the first light of our star’s birth to its death. The title track represents the star’s exit or death sequence. It really is an album about life and death on a deeper level. “More in an ambient style, Sol always dipsContinue readingSol (2018)

Messages (2017)

“Second opus From DASK, Messages is a wild sequencer-based style EM album filled by vintage, as contemporary, moods”. MESSAGE has more punch and rhythmic offensive than in Electron Utopia while keeping a dosage of atmosphere elements, which is rather creative at some points, in view of the unexplained mysteries in these messages and of theContinue readingMessages (2017)

Abiogenesis (2017)

Abiogenesis means the creation of life from non living matter. The transition from non-living to living matter is rarely a single event but a process of increasing complexity. “What can I say about the music of Abiogenesis? It’s DASK, pure DASK with its load of old Berlin School’s sequencing patterns in an evolving ambiospherical décor”.Continue readingAbiogenesis (2017)